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starts now. >>shepard: the f.a.a. investigating an air traffic control suspected of working drunk. a mother says officials seized her newborn son over a false positive drug test because she claims she ate poppy seeds the day before she delivered. >> and what a story, now she is suing and shell be here, live. >> and in box three: another big dust storm in arizona causing travel and power problems. "good morning america" that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. in "studio b" but, first, from fork at 3:00 in new york, 8:00 p.m. in london where a dramatic day wrapped up of testimony in the news of the world phone i would like to say one sentence: this is the most humble day my life. >>shepard: our boss measure doctor testifying today before british lawmakers about the controversy at our company's now
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defunct tabloid "news of the world," which is the parent company of fox news channel. he is telling a parliamentary committee he was shocked, appalled, and ashamed, when he heard allegations that employees of the paper hacked into the voice mail of a teenage murder victim. both he and his son, the deputy chief operating officer expressing deep regret. >> i would like to say how sorry i am and how sorry we are to particularly the victim's illegal voice mail interception and to their families. it is a matter of great regret of mine, my father, and everyone at news corporation and these are standards, these actions do not live up to the standards that our company aspires to around the world. and it is our determination to put things right, make sure these things don't happen again, and to be the company that i know we have always aspired to
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be. >>shepard: news corporation shut down the news of the world newspaper for good amid a wait of new accusations the 16 put out that staffers made it a practice to hack into the voice mail accounts of those they covered. (inaudible). >> it was a result of a discussion between my son and i and senior executives and miss brooks, one morning, called the board of new corporation to seek their agreement. >> you have suggested it is because you felt ashamed. there is not a suggestion it was a commercial decision to decide to close "news of the world." >>shepard: the c.e.o. told lawmakers he had "little" direct involvement with "news of the world," coming down in defense of his company as a whole and his own role in the scandal. >> ultimately you responsible
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for the whole thing? >> no. >> you are not responsible? >> no. >> who is responsible? >> people that i trusted to run and, then, maybe the people they trusted. allow me to say something, as this is not an excuse, maybe it's an explanation of laxity, "news of the world," is less than 1 percent of our company and i employ 53,000 people around the world and we do proud, great, and ethical and distinguished company. >>shepard: he addressed reports that employees hacked into the phone of victims of 9/11. >> we have seen noest of that at all and as far as we know, the f.b.i. hasn't. if they do, we will treat it exactly the same way as we treat it here. i cannot believe it happened to anyone in america. >>shepard: the hearing came to
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an abrupt halt near the end for the murdoch part, a man attacked the c.e.o. during the testimony. look. his wife, wendy, in the pink dress, coming to her husband's defense, or pink outfit as a man in a plaid shirt reportedly threw a pie at him other tried to and the man who is said to be a comic in great britain is under arrest now, and the c.e.o. later returned without his jacket to finish answering the last of the questions. and now our reporter from london with the story. >> and, a committee member commending mrs. murdoch for her impressive left hook during that, but it has been a day of publicized hearings into the phone hacking scandal. british lawmakers demand answers would knew what and when. and apologizing do victims and saying mistakes were made,
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murdoch today said he cannot be held responsible for the scandal at "news of the world," saying he was left down by people he trusted and he is the person to clean it up. >> this total thing happened on your watch, murdoch, have you considered resigning. >>guest: no. >> why not? >> because i feel that people i trusted, i don't know what level, let me down and i think they behaved disgrace flies and portrayed the company and me and it is for them to pay. i think i'm the best person to clean this up. >> he is saying that the firm certainly failed to live up to the standards it aspires to and is democratted to put things right. but murdochs say shutting down "news of the world," was regrettably the right thing to
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do. murdoch saying the paper essentially had broken its trust with its readers. we should mention the value of news corporation added $2 billion during the time of the hearings and the stock actually finished higher by more than 5 percent after the hearing after losing roughly 17 percent of its vietnam in the wake of the scandal and while the stock was rising protesters also gathering outside the building where the hearing was taking place, and london police have in reports of any trouble or any arrests. so at one point during the hearing murdoch blaming some of all of this hysteria on people who he says have an agenda against his company. >> a lot of people have different ... agendas in trying to build this hysteria. we all are competitors announced a consortium to try and stop us. and they caught us with dirty
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hands and built the hysteria. >> after they finished testifying, next was the former chief executive for news international. brocks resigned last week and this past weekend was arrested and questioned for some nine hours by police before being release the. her lawyer says she has commit nod criminal offense and, today, she began her testimony with an apresident joy. >> i would like to add my personal apologies to the apologies that james and rupert made today. clearly what happened at news of the world and certainly when the allegations of voice intercept of victims of crime, is pretty horrific. >> and the hearings continue tomorrow with a special session of parliament. british prime minister scam ron -- cameron will be back and discuss questions of the phone hacking investigation and we
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should mention that news corporation is the parent company of fox business network. >>shepard: thank you from london. continuing courage of highway the scandal began with a report on the timeline of it inside "studio b" and also in the news another air traffic controller in trouble with the federal aviation investigation. he was not sleeping. but he was drunk. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there?
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>>shepard: the feds suspended another air traffic controller the worker was drinking. officials at federal aviation administration report he tested over the legal blood alcohol limit this month during a random screening at a regional traffic control center outside of denver which handles jet traffic
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between airports and officials released few details but said this controller was a veteran who tested above the agency limit. and they did the test more than six hours into the 8-hour shift. drinking on the job? and now the news from our newsroom. jonathan, what else do we know of the controller? >>jonathan: he is a veteran air traffic controller. there are some reports he was once a union rep testing above the f.a.a. limit of .04 which obviously lot we are than the driving limit, the legal driving limit which is .08 but it should be lower for people who are directly air traffic across a number of states as this controller was. the president of the national air traffic controllers association issued a statement today which said in part and i quote, "we take our responsibility of ensuring aviation safety very seriously
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including acting professionally in all that we do, thus this is deeply troubling." and f.a.a. statement said that this particular controller is "not working air traffic right now," in other words, suspended. and the f.a.a. is investigating. >>shepard: the latest in a string of air traffic controller incidents. >>jonathan: there have been many this year. if you look back, federal 19th the controller was found taking a nap in the radar room at a control center in tennessee and he was fired. march 23rd a controller federal asleep at reagan national airport in washington, dc, and failed to respond to two incoming planes and was suspended. april 11th, a controller in seattle was fired after twice falling asleep on duty. and there are several more incidents beyond that. so, clearly, there is a troubling trend that officials want to get to the bottom of and get fixed. >>shepard: do you feel like
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chatting? >>jonathan: always. >>shepard: jonathan is quite a chatter at on "on the hunt," link and there is jonathan. a miracle on the web. well, a 17-year-old teenager in florida now faces second-degree murder charges after he is accused of beating to death his parents with a hammer then throwing a party inside the house while they lay there, dead. police say tyler advertised the party on his facebook page and found the parents' body buried under blankets and pictures behind the locked master bedroom door. >> it was brutal killing and then the facebook invitation, a party, to have your friends and
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4 to 60 people come over, that speaks for itself. >>shepard: a tip led police to the house and he was charged as an adult. officials are holding him without bond and he is under suicide watch. the f.b.i. arresting a man in virginia for using money from pakistan's spy agency to run an illegal lobbying operation. officials instructed him to make campaign donations to congress and develop sources at the white house and the state department. prosecutors charged another united states citizen, of recruiting people to funnel money to the organization but he is in pakistan. and now the news from washington, dc, steve. what do we know of the defendants? >>reporter: the high profile figure was the head of a lobbying group that promoted pakistan in the dispute with
3:16 pm
india over the fate of kashmir. he was often seen in public meeting and greeting members of congress and donating money and told the f.b.i. he had no connection to the pakistani government but an f.b.i. affidavit refers to a witness who says he, the witness, participated to obscure the origin of money transfers by the pakistani intelligence agency to this man to use as a lobbyist to influence the interests of the government of pakistan. he appeared in court in alexandria, virginia. the law that was violated was being unregistered agent of a foreign government. plenty of people in washington promoting the views of foreign governments but he is accused of doing it creditly. and he is not charged with spying but if convicted he could face five years in jail and $250,000 fine. >>shepard: this cannot be go for already strained relations with pakistan and the united
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states. >>reporter: they are at a low point. the united states suspended $800 million in military aid to pakistan and osama bin laden was living in pakistan and an embarrassment to pakistani whose resent the united states for not notifying them first, so, this does not help. >>shepard: thank you, steve, from washington. a woman says she missed the first ten weeks of her child's life because of a mistake by state investigators. and she says it started with a salad. imagine this: you have a child, a brand new baby, and for 75 days they give that baby to someone else. also, the heat across the country so severity is causing roads to buckle. it's summer. but we hear this is not just another july day. this is nasty.
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>>shepard: and imagine you had a baby. one of the happiest times in your life. brand new mom. with a little kid in your hand. and the authorities come up and say, you took opium and we are taking your child. that mother is suing her local department of children and family services for taking her son for 75 days three daze after she gave birth. the authorities say they took the baby because they say the mother tested positive for drugs. opiates but the mother is no drug user. >> i was clueless how it could have happened. how my drug test came up with anything in it. >> they checks and and the last thing she ate before she gave birth was a salad with poppy seed dressing. think of it, she is one of two
3:22 pm
mothers using the poppy seed defense in lawsuits against the same department. and i must tell you some experts say eating poppy seeds can give false positive drug results for opium. the "studio b" called the department and staff would in the give a statement. and now from pittsburgh, we have the young mother. have you, have they said to you, we realize you did not take any drugs and we tested you or anything like that. are you still suspected of using drugs while pregnant? >> no, there was no other test given, there was no other inspection, anything. >>shepard: they don't think you use drugs? >>guest: nothing has been said. >>shepard: has anyone said i am sorry we took your child. >>guest: no. ship is she still suspected of this. >>guest: i don't think so. as far as her using drugs she
3:23 pm
has never used drugs. >>shepard: the department tested her for drugs and they took her child for 75 days is she still suspected of take drugs while pregnant or not? >>guest: that--. >>shepard: answer the question is she suspected or not, yes-or-no? >>guest: i think she underwent numerous drug tests and everything came back negative. >>shepard: it is a direct question, very simple, is she suspected of taking drugs or not? >>guest: i can't temperature you what they are thinking. >>shepard: i wish you all the best. can't get an answer to a simple question, like are you a suspect? this is not worth my time. we will follow it you, she is suspected of taking opiums and her defense is she ate poppy seed dressing on a salad the day before and children and family services took the child for 75 days, and, now, well ... can't get straight answers but that is the best for you at the moment. reactors in japan are now
3:24 pm
stable. that's brand new. from the top japanese official whose say it will take months to shut down the plant. you will recall a massive earthquake and tsunami damaged it back in march in a huge way and knocked out the cooling systems and triggered the worst nuclear disaster since chernobyl but there is more progress. the reactor temperatures have leveled off and they say now they have a system in place to deal with the contaminated water. radiation levels around the plant are also dropping. so, improvement in the northeast of japan. new trouble in the housing market. word of more sketchy paperwork and fake signatures that put the foreclosure system into chaos last year now, there is evidence it is happening again. and bank stocks? bank stocks are in the dumper. update: housing crisis. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b," the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. the news corps c.e.o. murdoch calling this "the most humble day," of his career as he answered to question after question from british lawmakers about the phone hacking allegations against his company, the parent company of this new channel which is already shut down the british tabloid. but the controversy is continuing to escalate and top executives have resigned and the
3:29 pm
fallout has spread to scotland yard. and our senior correspondent is live in new york city with a newsroom and a history lesson. >>reporter: a scandal that rocked the biggest media companies and cast a harsh spot light on a family dynasty. the murdochs answered questions for three hours, what went wrong, how they dressed it and efforts to ensure that the phone hacking by reporters does not happen again. it started with prince william's knee injury in 2005 the palace claimed voice mail messages were interpreted by the "news of the world." and the paper's reporter was arrested but the practice may have extended beyond that story. in 2002, a 13-year-old british schoolgirl disappeared and was murdered. on july 4th, 2011, allegations emerged her voice mail may have been hacked and messages deleted to free space so her family
3:30 pm
could falsely believe she was alive. on july 6th, murdoch, chairman and c.e.o. of news corps promised full cooperation with the police calling the accusations deplorable and unacceptable and shut down the "news of the world." then, the paper's former editor and former communication chief to british prime minister was arrested and allegations surfaced that former prime minister brown had also been targeted. the controversy caused the company to drop the bid for british broadcasting company and then the f.b.i. began to investigate if phones of 9/11 victims were hacked and on friday the former editor and head of the newspaper brock resigned as the predecessor at the group "wall street journal" publisher hinton also stepped down saying they knew nothing about the alleged hacking. on that same day, murdoch met with the family of the murdered girl to apologize personally and
3:31 pm
on saturday, they placed full page newspaper ads reading "we are sorry." on sunday, brooks was arrested and questioned by london police and the head of scotland yard and the number two resigned and, yesterday, the man what went public with the allegations, "news of the world," former she business reporter, was found dead in his london area him. he claims celebrity phones were hacked for exclusive stories. >> police say this is nod of what they call "outside involvement," in his death and are waiting results of the autopsy. murdoch says he was morning led of the wrong doing and shocked and appalled and ashamed and does not believe any employee in america may have hacked the phones of lend victims and established a special committee for journalism standards. >>shepard: two new reports indicate controversial practices in mortgage that forced the
3:32 pm
banks to stop foreclosures nationwide last year are still happening. two reports, one from the associated express -- and one from reuters they have in the stops using the people would sign documents with fake signatures without ever even reading the paperwork. the nation's biggest lenders promise to clamp down on that practice back in march but officials in three states say they are still receiving documents with questionable signatures including one name that reportedly appeared in 22 different handwriting styles. and new gerri is with us. the bank stocks are getting hit again today, bank of america, a penny or two away from 52-week low. >> and the market is up 200 points. >> that tells you the investigations have an impact. the mortgage bankers association head is saying it is continuing
3:33 pm
to go on. it is shocking that we can have this go on in the market like this and the banks came out last fall and they said, we're sorry, we didn't mean to do it and well clean it up and there was a moratorium on foreclosures, remember that? it put the market into the tank. and, now this. >>shepard: and i remember we gave them money and did not require them to lend the money and they but the up other banks and the big banks got bigger and the country-wide scandal comes and now ... it looks like ... >> it's a mess. let me tell you how bad it gets. wells fargo and gmac assign mortgages from a company called new century in 2010 but it went out of business in 2007. a lot of, i'm not saying . three years after the company went out of business? so, how do you define that? >>shepard: some of the big,
3:34 pm
big, big banks, bank of america just lost $8 billion in the first quarter. >>guest: that is the mortgage market. >>shepard: now they are about to be the second biggest bank in america right behind wells fargo. >>guest: in terms of mortgage market. they had countrywide and that was a problem for them and they have tried to write off that debt and now in the market, prices are going down yet again creating more problems. >> is there a lack of regulation or the banks ... how do you describe what is happening? >>guest: the reality is it is at a local level, courthouses across the country. so thinking there is a great magic cop who will come along and solve this problem ain't going to happen, it is judges in little courthouses and you read the stories that is who you see quoted. >>shepard: after all they have been through you would think they might try to protect themselves by having an employee read a document. it seems like a very simple
3:35 pm
thing to me. >>guest: it is not simple. they have started the practice as long time ago and they are reluctant to give them up because that is what made the mortgage mark go because they could be processed by the thousands, churn them out, sell them off. >>shepard: are there investigations coming? what is the status of the big banks now and their relationship with the government? >>guest: that is a great question. it's a great unknown. i'm not sure what will happen to them. they are feeling this on their bottom line and that is what matters. >>shepard: and news corporation is up 7 percent. bank of america is at $9.55, down 1.5 percent today, down from the lowest point by two pennies and if they keep going down stockholders would start ... >>guest: and they had not so great earnings reports and that is a big impact on stock price,
3:36 pm
as well. you will see all the advocates of consumers jumping up and down. we have to solve this problem. people need confidence in the housing market. it will not go again unless people believe it works. >>shepard: well watch for you this afternoon at 5:00 eastern and 4:00 in oxford only in the fox business network. if you don't get the follow business net work, demand it. two suspicious deaths in less than one week in one california mansion and new information about the time that led up to the deaths and new details ahead. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahd of her class.
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>>shepard: and details surrounding two deaths at one home the home of a high profile pharmaceutical executive. his six-year-old girl and then 32-year-old both died in the house. first the executive's son tumbled down a flight of stares in what is called "an accident." the child was not breathing when pair medicine ins arrived. he dies a couple days later the girlfriend's body was found hacking -- hanging by the neck from a balcony. why do they still not figure out whether this is suicide or what? >>trace: the sheriff is being very meticulous about the case saying they do not want to jump to conclusions but at the same time they are giving us some indications about which way this case is headed. we god off the phone with the sheriff and they say suicide and homicide can look very similar. but, now, listen closely to what
3:41 pm
the sheriff's department spokesman said to us next. >> first you have to see is it possible for somebody to do this. i can tell you this are documented cases through the country where people do secure their hands and they commit suicide. however, is it possible the way she was found? trace she was found with her feet, also, bound, and everybody is questioning that. her feet and hounds were bound. we talked to expert whose never heard of a suicide where both the hands and feet were bound. that is her boyfriend, jonah shacknai. his brother is the one would found her and cut her down but police right now are saying that there are no suspects. there are only witnesses. >> but the husband what do we know about his stormy second marriage? >>trace: his marriage, the
3:42 pm
parents of the six-year-old who thyed and they lived in arizona. though called 911 on three occasions alleging each other, each of them, was abusing the other. but, his ex-wife wrote a letter to police that read in part and i quote, "jonah is the c.e.o. of a very large farm suit -- pharmaceutical corporation and i am scared of what he is scrapable of doing do me physically as well as the lend he would go do try and destroy me in any way he was able to do so." and jonah wrote a letter a year later "i have never been in significant physical danger i have been assaulted physically several times by my wife and it was never my intention to file former charges." they now say they is all water under the bridge and none of this matters for the current case. but, again, that is up to the san diego sheriff to decide in
3:43 pm
the end. >>shepard: thank you, trace. word of little progress after the united states held their first direct talks with libya's leadership since our "not" war began in libya four months ago. i am thinking days, not weeks, remember? the state department officials say they traveled to tunisia over the weekend to deliver a message, get what it was? muammar qaddafi must go. they have been saying that are for a full month and that has not happened. but, libyan officials calling it as a first step to a dialogue. and now our guest, p.j. crowley. "a significant first step," sounds so neat. >>guest: that is the libyan strategy to have the conversations with the united states and other countries and decide and weaken the will that is behind the ongoing nato
3:44 pm
operation. i think it is appropriate for the united states to deliver the message to the people, the united states has not changed its view the last several days has recognized the transitional national council as the legitimate government of libya and will provide that entity more support to potentially put aside muammar qaddafi's leadership. >>shepard: you would note guess, i guess, four months ago, that you could bomb every muammar qaddafi target in all of libya while not having a war and not taking sides and we would still be here four months later. how is this possible? >>guest: well, it is possible militarily because muammar qaddafi has adapted some of the military strategy and, unfortunately, he has been able to hold together his inner circle. but this is taking its toll. in addition to the military
3:45 pm
operation, what is critical is to find a way to dry up the source of revenue that allows him to continue to pay the people who are taking a terrible beating on his before. the outcome is clear. either by a lucky shot that gets him or somebody inside, perhaps his security leadership or the tribes that support him will say, it is time for him to go. >>shepard: we are carrying on this charade that we are not in a war, and that is a load of it. why is that necessary? rules and regulations in the white house getting and what you have do do to have a war? or what? >>guest: recently we have taken sides. it took us a while to get comfortable with the leadership to understand what they want to do and how they plan to proceed going forward. these are hostilities what we
3:46 pm
call them that or not and the credibility of the united states and nato is on the line so the operations need to continue for as long as it takes. >>shepard: need to continue for as long as it takes. that sounds ... scary, like a war without end. what did libya do to us again? how did they attack us? >>guest: understand, shep, this a limited operation, limited by the u.n. security council resolution that authorized it and limited in temperatures of using air power and a lot of other tools but not putting troops on the ground but it is a sustainable operation. >>shepard: how do we choose libya over the others? why want the state department guy to answer but p.j. the straight up guy. there is a reason we choose libya and not the four or five other countries? if you look at bahrain, you
3:47 pm
might be able to sort out where we are on things. >>guest: well, i do think this step was appropriate because of the threat that muammar qaddafi posed to his people. i have called for the staff of the administration, if we establish a muammar qaddafi standard in the region which is appropriate, then, there is no difference between what he is doing in libya and assad if syria, and the hillary clinton echoed by the president have said, that assad lacks legitimacy, as well, but it will, there is not necessarily the same kind of military option available in syria. there is not a military operation available in syria like lick why but we are changing the conversation one by one and we are working with the region and the region supported us in libya and has in the supported an aggressive stance in sear why. but this will take a process
3:48 pm
that goes on for leaders but all of the leaders, one by one, they will maul in different ways and at different times. >>shepard: thank you, p.j. and nows more trouble in the skies over arizona. look at that, the dust storms. ten months of perfect weather and then, boom, monsoon, creating big problems for people on the ground with pictures that are incredible. and the cleanup is next.
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3:51 pm
>>shepard: another giant wall of dust rolling across the valley of the sun. the dust storm in arizona smothering the phoenix area where the national weather service is predicted wind up to 50 miles per hour. dry conditions, of course, and a
3:52 pm
lot of sand to blame and arizona is one of the few places not world where these dust storms form, or dust clouds and they occur in the sahara and the middle east and this is still not as bad as a mile high dust storm that grounded flights and knocked out power early this month. >> a weather alert. folks from the midwest to the east dealing with another brutal day of hot temperatures. 90 degrees or higher in all but two states and massive heat wave across the country. and now the highs: every state has a 90 degree temperature today somewhere on the map but washington and alaska. triple digits in some. in iowa, heat index obviously takes into account the humidity reached 129 yesterday in newton, iowa. and some cities reporting record water and electricity use and many are opening cooling
3:53 pm
centers. and now the weather machine. steve brown in chicago. some parts of country this is dangerous, steve. >>reporter: it has, they have ten deaths already attributed to the heat wave that will linger through the weekend and in kansas city seniors get calls suggesting if you are without air conditioning, this is a place where you can go. in minnesota, because of the heat, a section of interstate 94 buckled. the heat and humidity causing the road to shift so it was shut down for two hours. in chicago, they expect a busy day at the beaches with 24. because of cool winds blowing in across lake michigan bringing if moisture over hot land, now you have fog and the fog is so thick they have had a fog advisory out and had to close the beaches so the coolest territory in the midst of the heat, 23 of 24 of
3:54 pm
the beaches are closed. >> thank you from chicago, steve. and now, high and dry in the fox extreme weather center. heat index off the charts. >> parts of iowa 131 with the humidity. do you not see heat index like that unless you are by the shoreds of red sea. have you ever seen heat index in the south at 133? unbelievable! temperatures in the 90's, that is typical but humidity, what it families like with the humidity, the heat index, off the charts here, 107 in davenport and a reason why we see such humidity and heat index value so high is because of the flooding. the record flooding so a lot of available moisture. this time yesterday we talked about the central united states pushing across the ohio river valley and tennessee river valley and across the mid-atlantic and the notes, and, again heat index from 105 to 115
3:55 pm
and on thursday through the next couple of days, reaching across the mid-atlantic and a break on the weekend, but some of the forecast models show another heat wave next week. so, unusually intense, long lasting, and wide-spread, incredibly dangerous. >>shepard: thank you. cast members of the jersey shore often tan, fight, and drunk with vigor but this does not hurt of reputation of new jersey. knockcy and the significant's impact on the guarden state and poll results as they chill. ?c [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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or when nsaids are taken for long periods nsaids, including celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you've had an asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulnamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history anfind an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >>shepard: and maybe jersey shore is not so bad for the image. the state governor said it had a negative impact but a new poll, a nationwide poll on the subject, a legitimate group conducted the poll and it found
3:59 pm
otherwise. according to the findings of the public mind pole snooki and the crowe have in negative impact on people's view of the state and may even help best tour e in new jersey. the nation wide telephone pole questions 711 adults and it has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent. we will find if they find similar results with "jersey house wives." it goes on and on. and the market sign above the camera and it is looking good, off the session highs but, a lot of this is about what appears to be a deal coming together to maybe end the debt ceiling stand off. bell ringing now. and maybe a bipartisan deal. can count on "your world," with neil cavuto and today we have neuart varney sitting in for

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